U18 policy

U18 policy

Kaplan Terms and Conditions for living with us

By confirming a booking, a student agrees to adhere to the below conditions for the entirety of their booking.

Kaplan Living means residences leased and managed by Kaplan International, including:

* If a booking start date is before the student’s 18th birthday, then they are deemed to be under 18 for the length of their booking.

* Under 18 students will be allocated to a single sex flat.

* Alcohol is not permitted in an Under 18 flat.

* Students are not permitted to have visitors in their flat or bedroom if they live in an Under 18 flat.

* Our Wellbeing Coordinators will conduct a check each evening to ensure all U18 students are in the residence.

* If an U18 student will not be staying in the residence overnight they need to inform the reception team in advance of them leaving the residence.

When a student turns 18, they are required to continue to adhere to the above conditions and any breaches of these conditions will be dealt with under Kaplan disciplinary policy.

Where a student turns 18 during their booking, they may submit a written request to vacate the under 18 flat and move into an over 18 flat.  Only when moved into an over 18 flat would the student be released from the aforementioned under 18 policies.  All written requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only offered where there are available alternate rooms. Where a request is either denied or unavailable, the full terms of the under 18 flat apply.